In normal store purchased shoes, the insoles for flat feet you find truly just have the function of cushioning your feet. Specialized insoles can be made to deal with your issues and enhance your capability to stroll and keep appropriate foot posture.

A biomechanical assessment includes a series of unbiased measurements of the motion of the joints in your hips, knees, ankles and feet. Since your feet and their effect straight impacts all the joints in your leg, it just makes good sense to determine all the body parts included to properly evaluate what sort of insole will work best for you. This examination likewise includes a gait analysis so that your podiatric doctor can see how you stroll without them and see if corrections need to be made. X-rays will provide your doctor an internal check out the bone structure to confirm a few of the aspects recommended by the biomechanical examination. A cast either in plaster or fiberglass is done to get an impression of your foot in its neutral position. All the measurements and casts are used to assemble your customized orthosis!

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